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We're Lateral View
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We help companies to innovate and build better products faster while taking care of their brand and business goals.

Do you want to build successful products in Barcelona?

Unlike traditional UX/UI and development agencies, we use Design Sprints as 1-week processes that take place in our Barcelona HQs and help you innovate and build better products faster at a low risk thanks to real user data. Months of work compressed into days. Quit guesswork.

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Design Development
“Lateral View’s work was flawless.”

Being familiar with Lateral View’s work, we were interested in what they could accomplish in partnership with our company. We decided to work with them and contacted them when the opportunity came up.

Digital Business Partner, Novartis
“They created a beautiful, easy user experience.”

They created a beautiful, easy user experience. There are dynamic components to it that were reliable and highly secure for the environment we were in. The product is fantastic. The app turned out to be more reliable than any other fitness app we were able to partner with before that. Our CTO is very senior and high quality, and he was very happy with their work.

CEO, Tenacity
“They're very committed … They've become real thought partners to us… .”

They've become part of our team. Our project manager is great at seeing potential problems and getting us to think about architectural challenges. I'm the first-time product owner, so I learnt a lot from them. One of the challenges is that we're in different time zones and have to communicate via video and phone calls.

Head of Product and Marketing, Naked Labs
“Communication is an outstanding strength for them.”

Treat them as a member of your team and it will go really well. A lot of times, you work with outsourcing groups and you need to treat like them like so. We’ve treated Lateral View like they’re a part of our team and it’s worked out really well.

Director of Engineering, Game Software Company

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