Are We Getting New AirPods This Year?

Apple seems to be working on upgrades on its wireless AirPods. The new model may come as early as this year and will probably include an improved Siri functionality and upgraded Bluetooth technology. Water resistance? Maybe next year.

The technology giant is seeking to add new features on their new techie device: AirPods. When they were first released, these new headphones triggered some harsh comments and made many social media users laugh around. But, as months went by Twitter critics discovered that the sound actually was amazing and that they nailed essentials like ease of use and battery life. Basically, they work well. AirPods are tiny computers that are here to solve tiny day-to-day first world problems without obliging users to buy an iPhone in order to enjoy their benefits. It is a device that uses technology in a seamless and natural way taking a step onto the post-screen era. They are self-charging, self-pausing and decently priced ($159).

Also, they sell crazy-fast. Even when the company increased their production last year, reports said they were above capacity. AirPods even had a cool Christmas advertisement feature a Sam Smith song which established them as an official stocking filler.

It’s been more than a year since their release and no wireless earbuds have caught up to Apple AirPods. There are alternatives that sound better like Bose, B&O Play and others but they cost more money and they fail in the short term. Apple AirPods have a perfect Bluetooth connection that does not make the user go through an infinite setup as the vast majority of IoT devices do. On a Bloomberg article, Apple showed they are taking AirPods to an even higher level leaving competitors far behind. They announced an improved wireless chip coming up soon.

This new model will let users reach Siri without pressing nor tapping anything. This means AirPods 2 will be the first hand-free pair of headphones. They will just activate when users pronounce the words “Hey Siri” and that’s it, Siri at their service. Hence, Bluetooth connections will be improved significantly. This is the most impressive part of this new model since Apple already has an absolutely great Bluetooth audio setup with its W1 chip which improves pairing, range and battery life for the AirPods.

As for release dates, there are rumors about two specific dates. Some say AirPods 2 may be announced on WWDC 2018 in June and some others point at September 2018. Who knows? The truth is that in the world of headphones, popular models can remain the same for many years but, as we already know from any Apple mobile device’s history, the Cupertino based giant is a huge iteration fan.

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