TMDG Agenda

Organizing the TRImarchi design conference through tech.

Product Strategy, UX/UI Design, Development


Big events have organizational problems that can be solved through technology.

TRImarchi, the most important design conference in Latin America takes place every year in Mar del Plata, Argentina. In its 16th edition, they came to us looking for an app that included all the information about the event. They wanted to provide their users not only with a schedule for TRImarchi, but also information about the city of Mar del Plata, since a great part of their audience comes from abroad. They also needed to solve one of their main problems: there were always delays in the talks and schedule modifications.

Discovery and Research.

Previous experience helped us make smarter decisions.

We were able to use the insights we had learned working on Attender, our in-house conference scheduling product, and combined them with a careful study of the behavior of TRImarchi’s target audience. Delays in schedule caused people to miss many of the talks and performances. In the first version of agenda we detected the need to have a real time connection with TRImarchi attendees. The agenda provided all of the information, but time dimension was not clear, what had happened, what was happening and what was going to happen.

Ideate, Prototype and Test.

Push notifications were the answer to our main problem.

Thanks to our insights, the main objective was to give the app a functional use, to prevent delays and misinformation.To achieve this, we focused on the agenda as the main functionality. It included the schedule and description for each speaker, where users could favorite talks and create their own schedule, and be notified when events got delayed.

Many things were happening at the same time and the event continued to expand as the days drew closer. During previous days, attendees checked what talks they did not want to miss, 
but during the event everything happened so fast. That's why we created Trimarchi Live, a section where attendees could see what was going on in real time, where and a link to each talk in detail, as well as what event was about to start. The feature was synchronized minute to minute and turned out to be so effective that the actual TRImarchi organization team took it as a 
reference to see how the event was going on.

UI Design.

A flexible design with editable components that changes from year to year.

Every year, Trimarchi selects a color palette and illustrator that represents a certain theme. On 16th edition, the allusion was 16bit animation. Illustrator Kaeru was selected to dazzle the TRImarchi audience with his pixelart. For the app’s visual design, we worked alongside Kaeru to determine illustrations and easter eggs to make sure we conveyed TRImarchi’s magic for the user to experience. On the 17th edition, Falu Carolei was the chosen illustrator, so we adapted the assets and animation to his esthetic. We focused on delivering a clean and legible interface seeing as TMDG Agenda was mainly an informative tool.


Saving time & providing tech support.

We took advantage of Contentful, a content administrator that saved us time in backend development and allowed TRImarchi’s organizers to publish and manage content & news during the event. We carried out tests to try out certain uses and avoid the app from failing.

Quality Assurance.

Test every functionality as if you were a user.

We tested the acceptance criteria for every story simulating we were users at the conference. When testing, we realized that collaborating with technical support during the conference was crucial.In addition to the programmed notifications, we worked alongside the client to ensure real time notifications reached the user. This way, the user was constantly informed about updates and delays, and an overall satisfaction by the client was achieved.

Market Launch.

Promotion was achieved by combining forces with our client.

Along with the TRImarchi organization, we launched the product in both the Apple Store and Play Store, combining our efforts to promote user acquisition with growth hacking techniques and paid advertising.


Measure, Polish & Evolve.

Feedback was positive and will help us for next year’s edition.

Over 6000 users attended the TRimarchi conference in October 2016. More than 2000 users downloaded it and we received positive feedback and suggestions to improve it for the following year. The October 2017 edition achieved 6563 users with 3026 iOS and 1285 for Android.

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