Reinventing your fitness journey in 3D

Product Strategy, Design Sprint, Development


Build a product able to visualize a human body in 3d and its changes over time.

Scan, retrieve and visualize like you’ve never seen it before. Naked is the first 3D home body scanner aimed at people who take care of their bodies, measuring daily improvements such as changes in body mass, musculature and body fat. The challenge was to create two native apps, iOS & Android, able to instantaneously visualize information retrieved by the IoT Naked scanner such as weight, volumetric body fat percentage, and measurements of different parts of the user’s body.

Product Development.

Visualizing Naked

For the apps to correctly visualize the changes in the user’s body, there were special efforts on the interface and development patterns. The responsive, seamless feel of the app is thanks to great development work behind the app-cloud-IoT connection. Also, we developed custom animations to ensure coordination with the apps’ design, allowing Naked to elegantly highlight different parts of the body. To achieve this, we used subtle animations between the views and components so that it all movement looked and felt natural.


Connecting Naked.

Connecting an IoT device with two apps with different operating systems is already a challenging technical undertaking. However, we also had to optimize for a frictionless user experience when users connect to the scanner to that they stay motivated to return daily to the app and see the progress in their bodies. An SDK for bluetooth connection was developed so that the connection with the app would be smooth, easy to improve and simple to use.

Project Management.

Agile & Remote.

The team structure was very complex given that we had IoT, Mobile, Cloud, Computer Vision and Design divisions across multiple time zones. Luckily, we have experience working on distributed teams and were able to successfully incorporate our team into a growing company, working remotely and face-to-face when necessary. Our years of perfecting agile processes with different products allowed us to add great value into Naked’s project management processes.‍

Product Architecture.

Given that Lateral View started as a mobile development company, our consulting experience regarding the apps was highly valued. 

We took into account Naked’s business objectives, future roadmaps and identified risks to plan a product architecture able to handle future growth and scalability. We recommended certain technologies, and also adapted their iOS design onto Android. In terms of timing and launch, teaming up allowed us to anticipate obstacles that would arrive, as well as give our perspective in organizational matters to deliver an innovative and a naturally intuitive connected product.



We’re proud & happy to see our client Naked Labs reach another milestone with their Naked 3D fitness scanner. See how they reached a $14M Series A Funding and more about their story here:

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