Samsung Developer Conference 2018

A meeting point for developers and digital product creators.

UX/UI Design, Development.

This product was a collaboration project between Indicius and Lateral View, for AgencyEA.


Samsung’s 2018 annual conference for developers and digital product creators is an exceptional event.

They planned to reveal more announcements than ever and their website had to be more than just a place to display information. It had to give attendants everything they needed to know about the event but, also, reflect that this edition was truly special in terms of innovation.

UX Research.

Enhanced content strategy

We carried out a heuristic evaluation of the previous event’s website. There were several issues regarding the navigation structure and information architecture. A benchmark was also made in order to analyze other events sites that were related to the target Samsung aimed at. We needed to understand how they communicated and what resources they used when engaging users.

UX Research.

Scalability in three stages

The first objective was to build a clearer information architecture and easier navigation through each of the website’s sections. We created storyboards and tested the animations since we began building the wireframes. We had to get them right. The early birds were about to be released so we had to create a scalable web with different components and sections that could appear and disappear according to what Samsung needed to communicate. In this way, we could provide spaces to show different pieces of content related to the event. After the early birds went on sale, we completed the site’s full version with all the event information the attendants needed. The next step? Adding a live streaming.

Fit all screens

Each screen resolution had to be perfect. We worked carefully to design in advance all the breakpoints. This ensured the right functioning of the responsive site, animations and other elements that worked for Desktop and Mobile.

User Interface.

Coexistence of new sub-brand and pre-established brand

Samsung is a well-known brand with fixed guidelines we needed to follow: its own typography and a classic color palette with contrast. Plus, the event’s guidelines were being redefined by Agency EA as the web was being developed. This is why we worked together with them to define a look & feel that would speak to the developers and creators the event aimed at.

We decided to incorporate the event’s logo as a key visual resource to install the sub-brand in a more powerful way. The UI needed to be clean and direct. It had to reflect Samsung’s well-known style but also communicate the event’s warmth, uniqueness and authenticity. Images and videos from previous years were incorporated to reinforce this idea.


We provided front end support for mobile and desktop by creating custom animations to display the content that the customer needed. The brief requested a simple solution but still connected to technology. That’s why we invested time and knowledge in building a custom navigation that would take the user through the content of the current event and also access to past ones.

Quality Assurance.

We had a team in US, Korea, Spain and Argentina testing the site in multiple resolutions to make sure that the site was fully responsive and that the designs were followed to perfection.


This project was carried out between Lateral View & Indicius.

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