Real time, real news.

Product Strategy, UX/UI, Development


They designed the technology, we had to develop the real product.

The guys at Vibecast had developed a new powerful and super fast technology for video streaming but needed to try it out on a real working product. They were also searching for an effective and engaging way to distribute audiovisual content.


Discovery and Research.

Channels were the key to spread the content.

To create this product we carried out an analysis and research to decide what the proper functionalities and user experience would be.The outcome was to organize the content based around the users by creating channels around interests.

Ideate, Prototype and Test.

Real world, you choose when to watch it.

Vibecasters can stream real time content of all sorts, allowing users to break the paradigm of mainstream media and broadcast their own filter free content, making way for a democratized space where users can choose what to watch and when to watch it.

UI Design.

content showcase.

Streaming videos are the queen of this app. We designed an interface that references the entertaiment business, using a dark look and feel that shows the videos as we were in the cinema. For the home of the app a modular layout was the perfect option for a continuously changing content.

Market Launch.

Sponsored broadcasts were the monetization strategy.

Monetization was an important goal in this project. This was possible thanks to sponsored broadcasts where brands could boost their media strategy by raising awareness and broadcasters received incentives for their content.


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